History of Ingersoll

Robert and Charles Ingersoll, the founders of the probably oldest American clock factory surely set many milestones in and around the development of bag and wrist during their untiring work phase and creativity.

After several attempts. Offer a wide audience watches yet to realize quality and an attractive price, then in 1892 they succeeded with the help of Henry Ford an automated production for pocket watches and later to develop for wrist watches. It could now start an automatic production of watches in addition to the general, existing traditional watch manufactory.

Under the slogan "a clock resembles the other" was at a high standard of quality and at a for that time relatively affordable price of later an dollar (corresponded to a daily wage) the so-called "dollar - Watch" was born. The dollar - Watch was very popular, so that ultimately a few million units were produced. Even Theodore Roosevelt mentioned that he has been described as "the man from the country where Ingersoll be made" while he was hunting in Africa.

The success of the dollar - Watch was henceforth called "Yankee" amazing. The Ingersoll - brothers always had to take account of the great demand by the manufacturing production increased and enlarged. So one of the smallest pocket watches was produced, the so called "Pocket Watch". In 1919 the Ingersoll brothers developed the first clock in the night novel design, the "Radio Lite" with luminescent numerals.

In the meantime Charles Ingersoll produced for the army an extra durable mechanical wrist watch with shortable metal link belt - the "Military-Watch was lifted into the baptism. Later, this clock was placed in a small series of watch lovers.

When in 1912 the luxury liner "Titanic" sank on its maiden voyage by a tragic accident while many people lost their lives drowned also the passenger OSCAR Scott Woody, provided with an engraved pocket watch whose "Ingersoll - Midgett" during a recent dive to the wreck of the luxury liner was lifted.

In addition to famous personalities such as the world sailor Thomas Drake, Thomas Edison, T. Roosevelt or James Dean historic reportedly will also Mahatma Ghandi a Ingersoll - have worn an Ingersoll watch.

The pilot Sir Adam Cobham used 1928 Ingersoll - clock during his flight over the black continent Africa to measure time accurately. "Because I could not rely on any of the watch on board, I used for the registration of the time only the Ingersoll, they always acted as my trustworthy chronometer, seven months, under a variety of climatic conditions and on a Stracke of 23,000 miles.

There would be many more events on the brothers Ingersoll and their Ingersoll Watch Company to report ...

Bound by tradition, we want to take into account in this case, the watch brand Ingersoll and the brothers Charles and Robert Ingersoll, by offering a high quality mechanical watch at a great price.